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300-hr Advanced Teaching Training & Intro to Befriending Therapeutic Yoga

February 24

300-hr Advanced Teaching Training & Intro to Befriending Therapeutic Yoga

This 300-hour advanced training builds upon the foundation of your 200-
hour program. In this program, you will spend time refining your teaching
tools, gain a better understanding of yoga philosophy, and continue to
advance and embody your personal practice.
Upon completion of all requirements, trainees will be eligible to register with
Yoga Alliance as a RYT-500.

Director: Jafar Alexander
Teaching Team: Maryam Ovissi, Ashley Zuberi, Heather Hagaman, Susan Muir


Please submit your application to jafar@belovedyoga.com and
maryam@belovedyoga.com They will contact you within 48 hours of
receiving your application.

Interviews can be done in person or over Skype

Training Weekends
February 24 &; 25
March 17 & 18
April 7 & 8
April 27, 28 & 29 (Yin Certification)
May 19 & 20
June 1- 3 (Trauma Certification)
June 23 & 24
Sept 8 & 9
Sept 22 & 23 (Pranayama Certification)
Oct 6 & 7

Nov 3 & 4
Dec 8 & 9 (Final Self-Examination & Graduation)

Advance your teaching and your personal practice
You have been practicing, teaching, and sharing your passion for Yoga.
You want to deepen your own practice. You want to become a more skilled
teacher. Now is the time to explore Yoga’s diverse tools and their
purposeful application in your practice and teaching.
Beloved Yoga’s 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training is designed to take
you on the next step toward integrating yoga into your life and progress
your professional path as a yoga teacher. We have created this program to
guide you through the nuts and bolts of advanced teaching, the refinement
of your own inner wisdom, and to a deeper understanding of the seat of the

At Beloved Yoga we embrace creative and physically challenging
sequences as well as breath-centric therapeutic practices that focus on
allowing room for the individual to explore. Our training will help you
navigate how to hold space for all types of practices, imbalances, and

Beloved Yoga Philosophy
BelovedYoga is devoted to sharing the teachings of modern yoga as
outlined to us through Sri Krishnamacharya. As students of A.G. and Indra
Mohan, Dr. Ganesh Mohan, Viniyoga, Ashtanga, and Iyengar, we pass
knowledge forth in a way that adapts to the present needs of our society.
The essence of these teachings recognizes that yoga is a personal practice
and not a one-size- fits-all method.

With BelovedYoga’s focus on safety and accessibility, we feel there is an
intelligent way to enter into ourselves. We do not believe in forcing the mind
or body to “shut down;” instead, we invite ourselves to “soften in.”
What you will get out of this training

We believe the first step to advanced practice and teaching is to get
intimately connected with yourself through the transformative power of
yoga. Advanced teaching requires more nuanced experiences within your
personal practice.

From there you will refine your knowledge, proficiency, and teaching skills,
which will empower you to embody the seat of the teacher and enhance
your group teaching and your work with private clients.
The 300-hour program is built around these core concepts:

Personal Transformation
An introduction to the therapeutic use of Yoga
The art of teaching privates and working with individuals
Refining teaching methodologies for group teaching
The Attributes of the Gunas (Ayurvedic Framework)
The Svastha Framework (Krishnamacharya teachings that the core focus
of Yoga is that it is an individualized practice)
In this training you will learn:
The Pancha Maya framework for working with your students as a whole
An overview of Samkhya, Raja, and Tantra philosophies and Patanjali’s
Yoga Sutras
An overview of all the systems of the body with a focus on the nervous
system and endocrine system
The art of transitions
The difference between complex and advanced asanas and how to keep
the Yoga in the asana
How to practice and teach arm balances, inversions and complex
BelovedYoga’s Intelligent Sequencing Format
Languaging and advanced cueing
How to incorporate Yogic concepts and philosophy into asana classes
How to confidently customize yoga practices to the individual
Pranayama techniques
Concentration practices
The art of offering space for subtle practices
The tool of Samyama
Explore the concept of Samadhi

About Svastha Yoga
Incorporated into our program is Svastha Yoga, the direct teachings of Sri
Krishnamacharya through the Mohans. This powerfully simple approach
utilizes ease of movement, clarity of breath, and the revealing of the natural
effortless complete breath as the tools necessary for well-being (Svastha).

Bonus Certifications
You will also obtain three certifications throughout our program:
30-hour BelovedYoga Trauma-Informed Yoga Certification
25-hour BelovedYoga Yin Yoga Certification
25-hour BelovedYoga Pranayama Certification
These areas of focus will provide you with powerful tools that will increase
your teaching opportunities.

The BelovedYoga Trauma-Informed Yoga Certification
This certification is a one-of- a kind training blending the ancient wisdom of
Yoga with the modern science of trauma and recovery. Developed by
Heather Hagaman and Maryam Ovissi, we will share evidence-based
science that confirms the necessity of befriending our whole being to
achieve peace. Learn Yogic tools to guide the journey into wholeness for all

The Yin Certification
This certification offers a unique perspective on Yin Yoga that is grounded
in the principles of Yoga. Rather than focus on Traditional Chinese
Medicine, the Yin Certification helps you refine the tools of silence and
stillness necessary for deepening your practice.

The Pranayama Certification
This certification will enhance your overall understanding of the power and
necessity of breath. The various techniques of Pranayama will be explored
and given depth through the philosophy that spawned them.

We are honored to guide you into deeper understanding
We welcome all serious and curious practitioners and teachers from all
lineages to embark on this year-long, in-depth journey of self-discovery and learning.


February 24
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Beloved Yoga


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